A Salad Alternative: Quinoa Corn Edamame Salad

I am and have always been a very selective salad-eater.I just have always had a leaf “thing”-- very particular about texture, color and general leafiness. I partially blame my parents, who didn’t force a lot of salad on us as kids, and when they did, it wasn’t the dark green, roughage variety that’s super popular today. (Confession time: I tried kale for the first time like.. last month. #child).

That’s why I’m a huge fan of alternative salad recipes-- Lots of nutrients, minimal carbs, and just as healthy. I typically look for recipes that use lentils, quinoa or some bean/corn combo as a base, but am always up for new ideas, so please share if you have one!

This last recipe I made was a winner. Courtesy of 86lemons.com, this delicious Quinoa Corn Edamame Salad is gluten-free and vegan (not that I practice either of those dietary regimens stringently). There’s minimal oil/dressing involved and some lemon and lime juice, so it stays good for almost a whole work week-- perfect for meal-prep.

Check out the full recipe here! Thanks Livvy!

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