5 Things That Made Me Happy This Weekend - Presidents Day Edition

Happy Tuesday everyone! Man, that feels good to say after a long weekend. Is it just me, or was this three-day weekend way overdue? Anyways, since it's always good to count your blessings, here are five things that made me happy this weekend:

1. Valentine's Day

What can I say? I love love. The weekend kicked off with a Valentines Day care package from home (thanks Mom!), and making some heart-shaped chocolate-chip muffins to bring into work.

Added in some red-velvet mix for the pink hue. Totes adorbs, I know. 

On actual Valentines Day, I met up with Mike's parents for coffee, where they had surprise roses waiting for me (per specific instructions from Mike). He's a keeper, I guess :) Later, I spent my Valentine's Day evening eating a whole block of cheese and watching Fury... because Valentine's Day.

Shameless, super enhanced flowers-selfie.

2. Inspiration

This past Saturday (Valentine's Day...), I went to my first every "Ladies' Breakfast" at my church. These women... just, wow. Such an inspiring group. On a day that revolves around relationship-based love, it was refreshing to listen to a speaker talk on the concept of "The Ideal Woman," pertaining to romantic and non-romantic self-love. Powerful stuff.

Sausage-broccoli egg muffins, recipe to come. And yes I used the heart-muffin tray again... I only get to bust that sucker out once a year! 

3. Torrey Pines Hike

On Sunday, I took some solo time to go on one of my all time favorite San Diego hikes at Torrey Pines State Reserve. The views are absolutely incredible-- I always feel so lucky to live here after I do this hike. Expect a Torrey Pines recap to come!

4. One Tree Hill on Netflix

Okay, I don't know where I was in the early-mid 2000's, but I somehow completely missed this show. Thanks to Netflix, however, I am now on the OTH train. HARD.

5. Coffee Shops & Blog Posts 

The picture of happiness (excuse my ancient laptop). 

Is it redundant to write a blog post about writing blog posts?

In my opinion, there are few things more wonderful than spending some quality time in a coffee shop-- for reading, writing, working, or just hanging out and drinking coffee. On Monday (thanks Presidents!) I got to hang out at one of my favorite shops for a few hours and just be. I also put in some serious work on ramping up the blog (both content-wise, and visually), so expect some big changes pretty soon!

This weekend was absolutely wonderful, and provided some much needed R&R. What are you still smiling about from this weekend?

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