5 Things That Made Me Happy This Weekend

This weekend was a busy one, but I still managed to fit in lots of relaxation time (mostly spent reading the book below...) Here are five things that made me happy this past weekend:

The Girl on the Train by Paula Hawkins

This month’s Book Club read (suggested by yours truly :) delivers. An Instant #1 New York Times Bestseller (it was just published mid-January), The Girl on the Train takes you on a suspenseful murder-mystery ride and involves its fair share of love triangles. I started this ~430-page book less than a week ago, and I have less than 50 pages left to read… safe to say it’s a page-turner! Who else is reading (and loving) this book right now?

La Jolla Cove

Visiting La Jolla Cove is a surefire way to make any day great. This place is one of my favorite spots in San Diego-- between the beautiful ocean view, the adorable shops and the chance to hang out with some of my favorite animals (sea lions), it’s my go-to “pick-me-up” destination. When I have friends visiting San Diego, this is always one of the first places I take them.
La Jolla Cove also lays claim to being the background for one of my favorite pictures of me and Mike. 
Yes, we wore the same color on purpose. #noshame

I Got to Pretend I Have a Dog

This Saturday, I did some all-day puppy-sitting for a past colleague of mine. And when I say puppy I mean… puppy. His name is Roscoe and he’s freaking adorable, but also… a puppy, which means lots of activity, neediness, general weird behavior, and of course... poop. While I can’t WAIT to get a puppy of my own soon someday, looking after one for just a day helps put things in perspective. More thoughts on our adventures together to come...
I mean… Look at this face! Yes, I will throw the tennis ball for you 700 times.

New Week, New Fitness Goals

In honor of Mike coming home in ten days (!), I decided to step up my fitness and healthy eating game a bit with what I’m calling the 16-60 plan. In the simplest terms, I’m aiming for 1600 calories a day, and a minimum of 60 minutes of working out/day. While I’m a big believer in a holistic approach to healthy living and not counting calories to stay healthy, it’s fun to challenge yourself with something new every once in a while. This goal also brings me to my next point…

Mike Comes Home in 10 Days!

Well, not for good, but this will be his last trip home before he makes the official transfer back to San Diego later this spring! On the agenda is a delayed "Valentine's Day" (okay FINE I'll buy a new dress for the occasion), and finally making a trip to the San Diego Zoo together, plus much more! There’s also another big development in the works on the “home” front… Stay tuned!

What are you still smiling about from this past weekend?

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