3 Steps to a Super-Cute V-Day Brunch

I’ll admit it: sometimes doing stupid, cliche, over-the-top romantic stuff is fun. So when Mike and I decided to celebrate our own Valentine’s Day a week late, we (read: I) pulled out all the stops. Sometimes you just gotta embrace the love, people! Here’s three easy tips for a “super-cute” (to coin one of Mike’s favorite, semi-sarcastic expressions) brunch.

1. Heart-shaped foods are a must

That includes the bacon…because why not? Check out this cute idea I stole from The Paper Mama. A couple minutes of prep work, 15 minutes in the oven, and boom, you’re done. I was worried the bacon wouldn’t turn out as crispy as it does in the pan (since that’s my bacon-texture preference), but I was pleased with the results. Note: There is a bit more grease than normal when the oven is involved, so be prepared to do some extra bacon-blotting.


2. Red velvet errythang

Okay maybe not “errythang,” but red velvet is a surefire way to emphasize the “love” theme. I picked up some Red Velvet Pancake mix from Bed Bath & Beyond a few weeks ago and it did not disappoint. Making these pancakes into actual heart-shapes was a bit more difficult… Jamie at TimetoSaveWorkshops.com offers this tutorial for using tin-foil as a heart mold, but I ended up using actual large heart-shaped cookie-cutters (Thanks, Valentine’s Day section of Target!) I tried a few different methods like:
Both methods worked out okay, but I think I favored the second one. Overall, they turned out pretty decent!

The finished product... Yum!

3. Pop champagne

I mean… I’m pretty sure this one goes without saying. An instant way to turn any breakfast into a “brunch” is to add some bubbly. Just add some OJ and you’re good to go! Make sure you pop responsibly...

Mike demonstrating proper champagne-popping technique…

I guess the real message here is that any meal, event, or occasion can be that much more romantic with a few special touches. And life is short so, why not? Bon appetit!

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